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Lariat Supper Club
Lariat Supper Club


The Lariat Steakhouse was built in the 1940’s.

It passed into the hands of the Kouri family 30 years later. Now it’s managed and operated by Dan Kouri, with the help of his brother Kenny, and other family members and relatives.

Grandpa Louis Kouri purchased the restaurant in May 1970 and his brother Ed joined the business six months later. Since then, the restaurant has undergone four major renovations. The business is now run by the second generation and the third generation is helping out as well.

So we’re a true, multi-generational family-owned business, with deep and solid roots in the Peoria, East Peoria, and Pekin area. We are diligent, some might say obsessive, about passing down our steak house heritage to each succeeding generation.

We worked hard to achieve our success and we want to keep it that way: in the family, in Peoria, and in the most perfect possible style.

Beef. Seafood. Chicken. Prime rib. Pasta. Salads. Desserts. Drinks.

Everything we do, we do with the aim of preserving our proud family tradition and bringing you the absolutely supreme experience of fine dining — and at a reasonable price.

Sure, we could charge more, and many competitors do. But we’d rather hold our prices down in hopes that you’ll want to return again and again for the Lariat Steakhouse experience.

Lunch. Dinner. Banquets. Catered events. Trust us to do it right and make it memorable.