The Best Cuts of Beef

You’ve been there before, standing in the supermarket looking at several different cuts of beef, wondering which one will go best with those kabobs you’ve been wanting to try. Is a little marble in the steak a good thing or should the whole thing be blood red? And what is the T-bone anyway? And of course it’s hard to find answers because you don’t know where the cuts are from, you’ve never even seen the meat being cut. So this is for those who feel lost: the basics of beef.

The Best Cuts of Beef

Cuts of Beef

One of the most popular cuts is the T-Bone; the meat on one side of the t is tenderloin and on the other strip. Tenderloin is very low in fat and, as you’ve probably noticed, quite expensive. Filet Mignon is a tenderloin cut and is often covered in butter to add flavor.

The New York Strip—or just the stip—is marbled nicely; what it lacks in tenderness it makes up for in flavor. Strips are popular among grillers because they are so easy to work with. The top sirloin is also a cut rich in flavor; it is a favorite among those who don’t want other flavors to crowd out the beef.

Finally, there is rib eye and prime rib, two marbled cuts with a very fine grain. The former is cut from the forward part of the ribs and the latter from ribs 6-12; both are very tender and are ideal for pan frying.

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