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The Best Cuts of Beef

You’ve been there before, standing in the supermarket looking at several different cuts of beef, wondering which one will go best with those kabobs you’ve been wanting to try. Is a little marble in the steak a good thing or should the whole thing be blood red? And what is the T-bone anyway? And of course it’s hard to find answers because you don’t know where the cuts are from, you’ve never even seen the meat being cut. So this is for those who feel lost: the basics of beef.

The Best Cuts of Beef

Cuts of Beef

One of the most popular cuts is the T-Bone; the meat on one side of the t is tenderloin and on the other strip. Tenderloin is very low in fat and, as you’ve probably noticed, quite expensive. Filet Mignon is a tenderloin cut and is often covered in butter to add flavor.

The New York Strip—or just the stip—is marbled nicely; what it lacks in tenderness it makes up for in flavor. Strips are popular among grillers because they are so easy to work with. The top sirloin is also a cut rich in flavor; it is a favorite among those who don’t want other flavors to crowd out the beef.

Finally, there is rib eye and prime rib, two marbled cuts with a very fine grain. The former is cut from the forward part of the ribs and the latter from ribs 6-12; both are very tender and are ideal for pan frying.

Peoria’s Premier Steakhouse

It isn’t every restaurant that understands the ins and outs of beef, but Lariat Steakhouse does. We age and hand-cut each steak—the same way we have been doing it since the 1940s—and have an impressive array of steaks on our menu. And of course they are charbroiled for the adventurous who like it rare or for those not afraid of the grill and like it well-done.

For a prime sizzling steak in Peoria, Illinois, come on in to Lariat Steakhouse at 2232 West Glen Avenue. You may also call us at (309) 691-4731 to make reservations or to call in an order.

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Raw T-bone with Rosemary
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Lunch at Lariat Steakhouse

Lunch at Lariat Steakhouse

Lariat Steakhouse is already popular for our incredible dinner menu, but did you know that we serve a fantastic lunch, as well? With plenty of different menu options, many of them under seven dollars, you have a variety of delectable items to choose from , and we can get you in and out within thirty minutes. This makes the Lariat Steakhouse is perfect for an excellent lunch away from the office. In addition, we offer free WiFi so that you can stay on top of your latest emails or even browse your Facebook page while you eat! All of this is provided in the classy, relaxed environment that Lariat Steakhouse is known for, so come check out our lunch specials today!

The Menu: What’s for Lunch at Lariat Steakhouse?

You know that Lariat offers a plethora of menu options for dinner, but did you know that we offer just as many options for lunch? Whether you want a slider, wrap, sandwich, salad, burger or plate lunch, we’ve got you covered. Try our succulent Tilapia, sample our prime rib sandwich or enjoy our famous Black & Bleu burger, which is covered in cajun spices and bleu cheese. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, we have the best soup and salad deal in town. Only $5.95 with your choice of soup and dressing.

Why Choose Lariat Steakhouse for Lunch?

We know that local professionals are always looking for a new lunch spot to break the monotony of the office. Our comfortable atmosphere is perfect for recharging in order to productively finish the second half of the day, as is our wide range of fabulous menu options to choose from. And if you’re looking for a place to have a long lunch to catch up with family or friends, Lariat Steakhouse should once again be at the top of your list. We have food for even the pickiest of eaters and the atmosphere is perfect for conversation- and you can stay as long as you like!

Feel free to call us at (309) 691-4731 with any questions you may have, to make lunch reservations or to call in an order.

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Time For Lunch
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Graduation Party at The Lariat Steakhouse

Graduation Party at The Lariat Steakhouse
It seems unbelievable, but graduation is here! It’s time to put together an unforgettable party for your graduate. Lariat Steakhouse offers a banquet experience that family and friends will never forget.

Banquet Facilities

Our restaurant welcomes you with a classy, comfortable decor which will make your graduate feel extra special. Whether you need a cozy room for 20 or a large hall for 250, we have the space in our five warmly lit, lavishly decorated banquet rooms. An additional hall can be split into three smaller rooms. No matter what the size of your party, we can create the perfect fit!

Friendly Wait Staff

Our friendly wait staff will greet you with a smile. Because they specialize in serving large parties, they will answer your questions with confidence and make sure the food brought to your table is prepared just as you ordered it, piping hot.

Mouthwatering Menu

We offer a full range of American steakhouse fare created to satisfy every appetite. Start with one of our tasty appetizers, such as crab stuffed mushrooms or seafood sampler, then move on to one of our delectable pasta, hearty steak, moist chicken or fresh seafood entrees. Whether you choose Lariat Lobster or Peoria’s Best Prime Rib, you are guaranteed a fully satisfying dinner.

Ready to Reserve?

If Lariat Steakhouse sounds like the place you would like to book for your family’s unforgettable graduation party, you can reserve by calling us at (309) 691-4731 or online at We are ready to start planning your party!


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Students Throwing Graduation Hats
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